Who will build the road? (The video is recommended by Ivaylo Penchev)

I’m proud that (personally) I know Ivaylo Penchev (Ivaylo Penchev)!

Thanks to this Entrepreneur, I to date deal with Filantropstvo. And now, again thanks to him I share this video:

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Some time ago I asked someone to translate this Enlightening lecture of Bulgarian. Cordially thank the interpreter for the time that is invested to do the job. I know it’s not out of a job and is not rich. Evalata!
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The latest in WiseManCax Ltd team!

Hi, friends.
I’m Alexandras and I’m a technical assistant in the “WiseManCax” LTD.
“WiseManCax” LTD was introduced accidentally with absolutely-not the company, and with Dobromir Petrov.
Apart from anything else, I’m frеelancer yet, so if you need an article or you want a translation from English to Bulgarian and vice versa please call me. If you look at the English version of the site – to know that the translation is mine, otherwise put my product. Before I get started as a technical assistant wandered for many years through thousands of job interviews, traveling all over Sofia. Not to mention about my experience to be associate-sales at a company for real estate or Office administrator in training center. I’m officially a part of “UajzManKAks” Ltd. from 01 November. 2017.
I am an economist and engineer by education. It’s really a big challenge for me. Thanks to Dobromir Petrov, will help where I can. I hope that I can help the good development of “WiseManCax” Ltd. You can contact me and email technical-assistant@wisemancax.com.

CSS4 Comes? What would be that ? And what is actually this CSS?

We had CSS1 and CSS2. We even had CSS2.1 and then jumped to CSS3. The Internet is constantly evolving – it is hard to believe that Internet Explorer 6 is twelve years old, and CSS is getting closer to the release of version 4. Do not you believe how fast the world is developing before us? CSS versions 1 and 2 were quite simple and monolithic. The entire CSS was included in a single document. Selectors, positioning, color – all in one place.CSS3 was for people like me who understand the CSS as a specification with its details inside it. CSS can also be scary. Look, once you know CSS and what it is capable of, designing a website can actually become fun! In fact, CSS4 does not actually exist, and what we describe as CSS4 are modules that describe separate overall functionality. There has never been a CSS4 and there will never be a CSS4. The truth is another, this is the hidden part of version 3. I’m trying to understand it. As a web developer, it is also very important to learn and understand CSS. CSS can be used to design a web page, build mobile web applications and responsiveness as well as create really cool animations. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a stylized language used to describe the presentation of documents written in a suitable language.Although most often used to set the visual style of web pages and user interfaces written in HTML and XHTML, the language can be applied to any XML document, including plain XML and SVG. CSS has a simple syntax and uses several English keywords to indicate the names of the various styling properties. However, the latest version of CSS allows the introduction of CSS variables. This is probably the biggest change, but that’s how we go back to the raw CSS without the need for any preprocessors like Sass or Less that use variables. In fact, the CSS4 variables are much stronger than the Sass or Less variable. CSS 4 includes a tool to control which element is actually stylized. CSS 4 allows you to make a selector of an object by placing a dollar sign. You should know that the CSS4 selectors are brand new and currently none of the browsers support any of the selectors listed below.

What is HTML6? Whether it really exists or This is just another figment?

If you ask the children of age of 10 up to 14 years at today’s time:”Have you used internet and do you known what has been a web page?”, you most probably will receive positive answer as well. Ask them After they know so a lot:”А, how is the page web written”and are we that they will watch bizarre and tell you more: well we are not”this, have they have taught him in school what has been this? HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.
HTML’s META language i.e. markup language that describes nearly all sites on the Internet. It’s a bit complicated to explain how exactly it works.HTML was created back in the year 1990. HTML is often called the “hidden” language, as it is not seen by mainstream users. In my opinion it’s really hidden. The latest, up-to-date version at the moment is HTML5, although I contend that exists and HTML6. Anyway I try to introduce it in this article. Have you ever wondered if you can express tags? If you have not already done so, just imagine the use of markers such as <logo> </logo> for placing of the logo on your Web page. It is to mention that HTML uses tags (labels) to mark certain elements of the websites and allow their production as headings, paragraphs, lists, hyperlinks, etc. HTML6 is the sixth edition of the HTML language, which contains names that have a structure similar to XML. HTML6 will provide us the benefit to the use of different tags that we want to use, you can use only certain tags. Tags HTML6 will have names like < html: html > or < html: head >, etc. HTML6 contains many diverse and most advanced features to develop its substantial functionalities.HTML6 is extended version of Ol’ HTML5, so it will include all of the features of HTML5. With HTML6, you define the structure you will use, allowing you to mark things as you want to actually use them. Instead of < div class = “wrapper” >, you can just use <wrapper>.  Life today moves with lightning pace and to keep our head above water, we need a language that alone stands in our way and let us do our job. Finally will remove any mathematical semantiki that are too abstract to understand someone, but provides Web developers a, in a simple and clear language on the Web. With the present language of HTML6 HTML the way you like create your own HTML space which allows us not to be concerned by the harsh details of semantics and to focus on content creation. In the new version of the HTML protocol can we ourselves to offer the width or height of the image and thus not having to change the screen resolution. Some Web sites use standard versions of certain libraries, from companies such as Google or Yahoo, and it can save bandwidth. In the next version if a library is in use by the maximum number of designers and developers, it follows that it should be distributed, embedded in a specific browser. HTML6 allows us placing the images and video clips that can be taken in each minute. The amount of pixels in the image are usually depending on the size of the screen on the desktop computer to the size of the screen on a laptop or mobile phone. HTML6 give height or width for a particular image will provide the most favourable resolution of the pasted image.

What is shared hosting and there ground? Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting. Alternative hosting solutions.

Shared hosting is a store single or multiple (web) sites on a single physical server that has constant access to the Internet. This allows your website to be accessible to its users at any one time denonoshtieto. Shared hosting is the ideal solution, which will avoid major financial costs of buying and maintaining your own server. Unlike your own server, shared hosting is purchased in the form of account with different limits specified by the hosting plan that you choose to order. In addition, we will say that maintenance of each shared hosting account is provided and included in the final price the consumer pays. Great prdimstvo is the presence of cPanel! This is the control panel for shared hosting which facilitates beginning site owners. The main advantage of shared hosting is that the service and is fully easily accessible and intuitive for users. Unlike shared hosting, a dedicated server instance is far more expensive if you own one or more websites. Another advantage is that you do not need to have great technical knowledge to manage your shared hosting account. As we mentioned above and is included in any shared hosting plan. Shared hosting is the ideal solution for individuals or small businesses. This service provides constant connection with your website visitors an affordable price. Usually one physical server is occupied by 1000 accounts, each of which often has more than one site, so it may be that you share “their housing unit” with about 3,000 other sites. Shared hosting is a type (ie FTP and HTTP web) hosting plan that you will share all resources with other accounts of the physical server. This means that all sites are dependent on each other and each failure in one could affect everyone else. In the presence of one site with a “bad” reputation will be “hurt” the reputation of other sites tied to this hosting.