What is HTML? (Wrong Answer Only)

What is HTML? (Wrong Answer Only)

Be Kind and Courteous!

1. How To Meet Ladies… 😁

2. My name.

3. Hacking Through Markup Language – Programming language used to hack NASA.
Yes! It’s the hacking language for website hacking.
Yes! It’s a highly developed programming language which you can use to hack anything that’s connected to a server and even hardware, it compiles faster than any programming language and is easy for all to learn.. have a fun day learning how to hack NASA with HTML.

4. Hot Thot Mother-n Law

5. How To Make Love 🗿

6. Hide The Mule’s Lettuce!

7. How To Meet Ladies

8. Highly Trainable Male Lemurs

9. Homos Tug My Lovemaker

10. Abbreviation for HaTeMaiL

11. How To Mark Losers 🤷

12. Hot Tomato Mayo Lettuce

13. Hacking Technology Make Laughter

14. Hot Tasty Meal & Loaf

15. Hyghly Traumatically Missatisfactional Lecture

16. How To Measure (your d*ck) Length

17. Honest Transfer Monet Link

18. Horny Teachers Mating for Life

19. Had Too Much Lasagna

20. Here To Mental Loss

H stands for Human
T= Terminator
M for Arnold
And L for termination I no there isn’t no l in termination but there is a secret L

22. Hyper Text Meme Language

23. Her Texts May Lie

24. Highly Technical Meditation Language

25. Hyper Tension Mixture Lemonade

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