Why Us?

Why Us?

007 interesting facts about WiseManCAx


001. Creation of the site (i.e. the website).

This modern version of the website was created and developed already in the summer of 2016 by the eponymous (software) company “WiseManCAx” LTD.

In the beginning, the site was made by another software company and appeared in the world in October 2010. A few months later it was optimized, but for a long time it did not follow the current modern trends for Web development of quality sites. And so one day the time came for the site to be mobile and responsive to all challenges.

002. Interface:

The website is optimized, synchronized and tested to work perfectly with browsers such as:
– Google Chrome – created by Google Inc;
– Mozilla Firefox – created by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation;
– Microsoft Edge – created by Microsoft;
– Safari – created by Apple Inc;
– Opera – created by Opera Software ASA – “the fastest browser”;

The design is adapted to any kind of resolution, and so far the most frequently used one was 1024px x 768px.

003. Client-Server technology (architecture):

As a development environment, the website uses:
PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) – one of the most popular server scripting languages. It was created by Rasmus Lerdorf.
JavaScript – a scripting language that runs directly on your computer. It was created by Netscape and is extremely convenient to implement in HTML code.
Bash Script – (Bourne Again Shell) – A shell or interpreter used on Unix/Linux systems. Used for server tasks.
AJAX – (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) – Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Used for asynchronous data exchange in client-server applications and sites.
XML ​​– (eXtensible Markup Language – Extensible Markup Language) – a universal Meta language for storing and transferring absolutely any data, between different types of systems and processes.
XPath – (XML Path Language) – A language for querying XML documents that provides access to concrete data formed in an XML document.
SOAP – Simple Object Access Protocol – Structured Information Exchange Protocol.
JSON – JavaScript Object Notation – A text format for transferring data in JavaScript format.

004. The name of the site: “WiseManCAx” comes from the English word – WiseMan* Computer Aided eXchange (All purpose) system.
* Meaning of WiseMan is:
– a man of unusual learning, judgment, or insight (sage or seer).
– a man versed in esoteric lore (as of magic or astrology).
– synonyms: Mentor.

005. Warren Buffett says: “An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan”.

Here you will find lessons on how to make your plan for success and earn a lot of money.

006. The goal of our Lessons, Courses and Advices is to help people move quickly, easily and as cheaply as possible from the Third Technology Age to the Fourth Technology Age.

Machines, smart machines and robots have been “stealing” jobs for over 230 years, and at least 10-12 times there has been a war between humans and technology. Technology always wins.

007. Homo Sapiens gave way to Homo Sapiens Sapiens!

The first Man is Homo Erectus (the European i.e. Christian name is Adam).

The fifth Man is Homo Sapiens (Latin: “Wise Man”) besides Emotions he also has Mind.

The sixth Man must have Good Moral Sense and He must not kill other Men.

What are WiseMan by WebBible Encyclopedia

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