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About me:
DobroMir Petrov
(GoodPeace – Teal Inner Peace)

Short presentation on “Who am I”?


My name is DobroMir Petrov.

(DobroMir translated as GoodPeace i.e. I came with my name: “Good” and “Peace”)
(Good always conquers Evil. Peace is the serenity to enjoy our happiness. From Proto-Slavic “Mir” means “World”.
“Good Peace I give you, Good Peace I leave you”
John 14:27)

I’m bulgarian.
I’m born in capital Sofia (Bulgaria).

I “created” a family for 13 years… She is a lecturer at the biggest Bulgarian university (SU) and She Has two twin children.
We parted quietly, meekly and without mutual self-destruction.

I’m an engineer – Master of Technical Sciences – Multi Skilled.
I like computers and robots!

I like England and every day I learn English lang.

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Kind regards: (Certified Engineer in Automation (Mechatronics)) DobroMir Petrov – (GoodPeace).

About me (Sertifikat za nai dobyr sait PGEE)
My technical high school (college) in Plovdiv (2012-12-05) Sertifikat za nai dobyr sait (TET Lenin (PGEE))

Natalia has an M.A. in Family Psychotherapy and Sexology from the Russian Research Institute for Family Systems Therapy and Medical PsychologyMe and Natalia Kobylkina

About me in UK (England) - Facebook as a Book Cover

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