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I. Languages

1. Humans
(Usually, the Roman origin words form their plurals by adding an “s”. So the plural of the word “Human” is “Humans” instead of “Humen”.)
1.1. English by Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).
– Level A0: Absolute Beginners (from Scratch) level (for Bulgarians).
– Level A1: Beginners (Basics) level.
– Level A2: Elementary (Basics) level
– Level B1: Intermediate (Advanced) level
– Level B2: Intermediate (Advanced Pro) level
– Level C1: Fluent and Confident speakers (High) level
– Level C2: Fluent and Confident speakers (High Proficiency) level
– Templates: Supporting Teaching Materials

1.2. Russian – Study Tips for Bulgarians and English(wo)men (Level A).

1.3. Ukrainian – Study Tips for Bulgarians and English(wo)men (Level A).

1.4. Foreign Language (Advice).

3. Technological Language (Artificial Languages)
3.1. Web and Programings
– Full SiteMaker (HTML, CSS and JS): HTML is a Programming Language.
PHP – CMS (as WordPress) and OOP: PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor.
Python (Python 2 and Python 3) – Machine Learning Games and Bots – Python.
– Quality Assurance and Testing (QA tests for Bugs).
– SoftWare.

3.2. Mathematics and Spreadsheets (Excel formatting)
SpreadSheets – Google, LibreOffice and Microsoft (Excel)Spreadsheets For Beginners.
– Math, Exact and Sciences – Power Point.

3.3. Tech Health – CEH (Ethical-Hacker)
(Certified) Ethical Hacker – CEH and StrongP@55wordCEH For Beginners.
– Dark Web vs Deep Web – Key Differences.
– Operating Systems.
– NetWork Administrator.
– Technological Schizophrenia.

III. Business and Money
1. Entrepreneurships, Employers and Jobs
2. Finance and My Financial Health:
– Ideas for Developments and Monetization.
– Getting Rich is Easy.

VIII. Homes and Vehicles
1. Bicycle – Electric and Hybrid Bicycle.
2. Motors, Cars, Camper, Caravans and Trailers.
How to Get a Professional Car Driving license in UK after BREXIT.
– Trainings for LLOPs and ForkLifts.
3. Trains and AirPlanes – How to Search, Compare and Buy Cheap Tickets.
7. Homes and Construction – Services, Repairs, Property for Houses, Motels and Hotels
– 6 P’s: Proper, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor and Performance
– Transportation
– Tickets and Reservation

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    Driving - Drive (confidently and safety) a car - Standards and Basic Skills

    Car Driver Course: How to get a Driving License

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  • CEH - Password is Wrong
    Ethical Hacker (Certified)


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  • Sale! English Language - No Grammar needed

    English – Study Tips for Bulgarians, Russians and other Slavic speakers

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  • PHP - When Someone Tells Me "Programming Is Easy"
    HTML is a programming language

    HTML is a programming language (HyperText Markup Language)

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  • HTML - As an Ex Google and Ex Facebook Techlead
    PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor

    PHP Programming Lessons for Beginners

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  • Python - How to Learn Programming
  • Russian - Study tips for Bulgarians - Russian Alphabet Sticker
  • Excel - Let us know your answer below
    SpreadSheets (in Excel) (Google, Microsoft and LibreOffice)

    Spreadsheets: Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and other types of Sheets

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  • UKrainian - Alphabet
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