Complain to the Armenian Pope

How to Complain to the Armenian Pope?!?

Sometimes there are questions that cannot be resolved by public institutions – there are hopeless cases that are without any chance of success.

A lost cause, from Latin “causa perduta”. A hopeless case, with no chance of success.

Two students are talking to each other:
– Shall we get a pig?
– Well… it’s very dirty.
– Go ahead, the pig will get used to it!

The Armenian Pop is the official institution for examining personal “causa perduta” on the website.

File a formal complaint with the Armenian Pope. State your situation, and he will look into your case and respond accordingly. He did not delay any longer, but informed the Armenian Pope about his problems. The Armenian pop is strictly interested in your vicissitudes in life.

Where does the expression “complain to the Armenian pop” come from? Why do we complain about Armenian pop and not Georgian or Constantinople?

Complain to the Armenian Pope NOW.

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